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Yodo Kurahashi II Biography

Born in Kyoto in 1949, Kurahashi first took up a shakuhachi at the age of ten, playing an old flute his father gave to him as a 'practice' flute (he still plays it!). He began studying under his father, specifically the old honkyoku zen Buddhist solo repertoire his father inherited from his teacher, Jin Nyodo. Eventually the young Yoshio was sent off to study the classical sankyoko ensemble music with Homei Matsumura, the reknowned kinko-ryu player who lives in Nara prefecture.

At age 60 (2009), Yoshio Kurahashi took his father's name in honor. He is now known as Yōdo Kurahashi II.

With his father, Yodo-sensei 1956

Growing up, as he did, in a household where traditional Japanese music was always played, and musicians continually visited, Kurahashi-sensei was attuned to the particular forms and rythms of the shakuhachi at an early age. His father, Yodo-sensei, was a well-known teacher and performer and his Mujuan dojo was a hub of shakuhachi activity in the Kyoto area.

Jin Nyodo and his wife 1959

18 year-old schoolboy